Projected Coordinate Systems in Use at CCH

he City and County of Honolulu uses State Plane Hawaii Zone 3 (Oahu) Coordinate System and the NAD 83 Harn datum . 

We recommend the projection with NAD 83 Harn for several reasons. 
It supports the use of survey grade GPS, it is more accurate than NAD 83 and has become the modern standard at the National Geodetic Survey.


Projection: State Plane Hawaii Zone 3 (Oahu) Coordinate System

Units: feet
: NAD 83 Harn

ArcGIS Projection File Name: NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Hawaii_3_FIPS_5103_Feet

Units: Feet

Spheroid: GRS 1980





NOTE: Except for the registered plat maps, all data on this ftp site is in Projection #1 (Nad 83 Harn datum).


What is NAD 83? From the NGS FAQ (

The North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83) is "The horizontal control datum for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America, based on a geocentric origin and the Geodetic Reference System 1980.

"This datum, designated as NAD 83, is the new geodetic reference system. ... NAD 83 is based on the adjustment of 250,000 points including 600 satellite Doppler stations which constrain the system to a geocentric origin." (Geodetic Glossary, pp 57)

What is HARN?


A High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) and a High Precision Geodetic Network (HPGN) were two designations used for a statewide geodetic network upgrade. The generic acronym HARN is now used for both HARN and HPGN and was adopted to remove the confusion arising from the use of two acronyms. A HARN is a statewide or regional upgrade in accuracy of NAD 83 coordinates using Global Positioning System (GPS) observations. HARNs were observed to support the use of GPS by Federal, state, and local surveyors, geodesists, and many other applications. The cooperative network upgrading program began in Tennessee in 1986. The last field observations were completed in Indiana in September 1997 after horizontally upgrading some 16,000 survey stations to A-order or B-order status. Horizontal A-order stations have a relative accuracy of 5 mm +/- 1:10,000,000 relative to other A-order stations. Horizontal B-order stations have a relative accuracy of 8 mm +/- 1:1,000,000 relative to other A-order and B-order stations Of these 16,000 stations, NGS has committed to maintaining about 1,400 survey stations, named the Federal Base Network, and the various states will maintain the remainder.



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Old Notes (from Richard Stone, ESRI, Hawaii), 1998


When using, ArcInfo's PROJECT or PROJECTDEFINE commands on

8.02 workstation or 7.x, may have to specify "NAD 1927" datum because it does not include Old Hawaiian datum as a choice.


With ArcView shapefiles, the ArcView 3.2 Projection Utility (APU) may give undesirable results.

The best way to project shapefiles is to use the Hawaii Datum and Projection

extension which ESRI, Hawaii has created and which is available ESRI Website

(Arc Scripts).  Search by keyword "Hawaii".